Planetary Aspects and Transits

You can discover world and personal transits of celestial bodies with the help of the sky map and the display table, regardless if you are an amateur or a professional.

  • Planetary Aspects and Transits
  • Version :20.02t
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Hermetic Systems

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Planetary Aspects and Transits Description

Astrology is one of the fields of human knowledge that has always raised a lot of interest among people of all occupations, cultures, and levels of education. From ancient times, humans have been fascinated with the celestial bodies and their presumed impact on health and welfare. Planetary Aspects and Transits allows users to view planetary charts based on birthdate values, even down to the birth hour (with support for all time zones).

Define two dates and view the alignment of the Planets

The application requires no advanced knowledge on the part of users, as all world and personal transits are computed automatically and the algorithms involved are kept well out of users’ sight; the program allows users to define two birthdates, as well as to set the world date.

Based on the input values, the application automatically computes and displays special events, such as conjunctions, oppositions, squares, trines and semisextiles. Detailed breakdowns based on the zodiac signs involved are displayed and users can even view informative astrological graphics.

Generate reports and astrological charts

The application features a highly intuitive interface that allows one to compute transits without any need to peruse a manual. All the navigation is performed via self-explanatory buttons and, once satisfied with their results, users can generate reports.

What’s more, the program can be configured to show all the transitions and all other astrological events involved between two dates. This allows users to view how the Planets align for various initial parameters.

The application computes planetary transits between two user-defined dates

All things considered, Planetary Aspects and Transits is a good tool for anyone passionate about the world of Astrology.

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