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A user-friendly software utility that is designed to help you create photo books, posters, picture calendars and multiple image cards.

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Pixum Photo Book Description

Nearly every device nowadays is equipped with powerful camera which led to a breathtaking increase in the amount of photos taken each day. What’s more, these can be used to enhance your home, workspace and even entire cities through posters or banners. Not limited to this, applications such as Pixum Photo Book give you the change to create stunning albums, calendars and more, with tons of customization options.

Edit and assemble photo collections

The application comes equipped with two components with which you are able to edit or completely alter any image you want to include in your project and then pile up your collection in one of the templates, with more customization options here as well.

Easily locate and set up your image library

On the photo editing side, the application puts a powerful utility at your disposal, which seems to be equipped with all it needs. With the help of a navigation panel, you can quickly go to folders of your choice in order to grab images you need. There’s the possibility to bring up a storyboard to view content of the selected folder in case you want to edit more images.

Adjust color, crop and apply various effects

A great degree of flexibility is at your disposal, thanks to the abundance of editing options. Besides the lack of a brush tool to draw, you can enhance each photo with effects ranging from simple color adjustments to blur, oil painting, spray, swirl and a lot more. Each brings up a new window with dedicated controls for intensity, as well as a preview section to know how changes affect the original picture.

View and manage image metadata

Options can come in handy for any type of necessity. With red-eye removal tool and effects mentioned above, you can process both portraits and landscape images. In addition, metadata can be accessed with the possibility to edit or fill in empty fields, or simply view EXIF data.

Since this counterpart is not linked to the builder itself, you can simply use it to enhance photos, with a neat option to save modified images to a location of your choice.

Quick assembly with a wizard

The photo book builder counterpart also takes a considerable amount of your time because of the abundance of features. However, an implemented wizard is sure to get you up and running with only a few mouse clicks.

Don’t let the name trick you into believing it’s dedicated to photo books, because the application can help you design posters, calendars and photo cards, all equipped with various editable templates. The first step is choosing the design type, after which you can plunge into the depth of customization options, or quickly pile your image collection with the wizard.

Rich library of fully customizable templates

Regardless of your choice, you sooner or later end up in the main workspace that puts all options at your disposal. Side panels make sure you can quickly access all elements included in your project, with the real time updating preview serving as your workspace.

Each template is fully customizable, and beside technical details, such as size of the layout and image, more effects can be added, cliparts, frames, backgrounds, other images or text boxes for special messages or suggestions.

Order your project online

As an output, there is little you can get besides edited images. At its core, the application combines materials used to actually make your design come to life, with price specifications for each project and element, depending on complexity. When you’re happy with the design, a built-in function gives you the possibility to order your creation online, for a reasonable fee of course.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Pixum Photo Book is a powerful workspace with which you can thoroughly edit your pictures and design the right template for special occasions. The depth of customization options is sure to keep your eyes glued to the screen for a considerable amount of time, but in the end all of your efforts are rewarded through high-quality designs and processed images, with the possibility to get your design as a palpable product.

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