Help your students develop collaboration skills and teach them about the importance of teamwork using this fun software solution.

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Pixie Description

Even though you put in a lot of time and effort to find the perfect games to help your students work and learn together efficiently, more often than not these activities do not work out as you planned. While there are numerous factors that can affect the outcomes of this teamwork activities, sometimes the issue boils down to students not knowing how to support each other.

Pixie is an application that provides you with numerous tools that enable you and your students engage in group activities that encourage thinking, communication and creativity.

Comes with a stylish and intuitive interface

The program comes with a sleek and well-organized UI that is easy to navigate and understand. The main window consists of two panels, one where you can access the functions related to creating tasks and assignments and another where you can preview the actual project.

You should know that the utility includes several types of project examples you can browse through to get a better idea about how to formulate your lessons. In addition, you can access your K12Share account and seamlessly import a project from there. On a side note, the app supports FTP transfers and you can also export assignments to ePUB, HTML or PDF on your computer.

Promotes self-expression via the numerous tools

The highlight of the application comes from the various utensils that can be used to complete school-related tasks. For instance, the utility includes an extensive library that includes hundreds of photos from the different study fields and that could help you come up with an interesting lesson plan based on creating a collage from various pictures.

The other noteworthy instruments your students can employ for assignments include adding text, drawing and adding music so that they can obtain a certain dramatic effect. Alternatively, they can record their own voices and add a narrate that reveals more details about their project.

A tool that can help students learn the importance of teamwork

In the eventuality that you are looking for a solution that helps you students work better together and that keeps them engaged, then Pixie could give you a hand.

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