A user-friendly application that enables you to enhance your images, with versatile drawing tools and photo manipulation effects.

  • Pinta
  • Version :1.6
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jonathan Pobst

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Pinta Description

Pinta is a user-friendly application that enables you to edit photos and paint, using easy drawing tools or controlling the modifications history since the first action you perform. The software offers several options for image enhancement, photo filters and distortion effects that enable you to turn a plain picture to an artistic image.

Various painting tools

The software enables you to draw on blank canvases or on top of imported images with versatile painting tools, such as regular brush, image filler, gradient, slicer, clone tool or the pencil. You may add multiple layers, for accurate control of the elements, when creating a composite image. Additionally, you may perform several Undo actions, thanks to the comprehensive history list.

The history box lists all the actions you perform within Pinta, including every brush stroke, effect or adjustment. Moreover, the software features multiple selection tools, such as lasso, circle or the magic wand. The wand enables you to select all the identical pixels in the area where you click.

Turn your picture into an artistic photo

Aside from the painting tools, the software offers multiple photo enhancement instruments, such as the level, brightness, contrast, colors or curves editing windows. Moreover, you can apply a series of effects, such as photo blur, frosted glass, polar inversion or twist. When working with individual elements on different layers, these effects might have unexpected results.

You may modify the aspect of the canvas as well, by rotating or flipping it, cropping according to a selection, as well as resizing it. Multi-layered working spaces must be flattened before being saved as common image format JPG.

Practice your creativity and enhance your pictures

Pinta is a simple to use, yet reliable application, designed to help you turn plain images to touching photos or create composite pictures. It offers several tools for drawing and photo manipulation, as well as a multi-layer working space and a highly permissive history list. Moreover, it features a user-friendly interface, with facile and accessible menus, adjustable drawing brushes or powerful cloning options.

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