Ping multiple addresses continuously and assess the status of your internet connection or various remote hosts, with this straightforward utility.

  • Pinger
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Flash Jet

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Pinger Description

The ping command is commonly used to check whether your Internet connection is active or if a certain website is currently online, but not all users are familiar with the command console, and dedicated applications usually offer a wider range of features.

Pinger is a straightforward utility that enables you to ping several addresses simultaneously in order to check their status and monitor latency. It lacks some important features, however, and it offers a simplistic, outdated UI.

Ping several hosts and monitor their status

Before you begin tracking, you need to provide one or more IP addresses or domain names. The application also allows you to enter a description for each one, making them easier to identify.

Once all the hosts have been added, you can click the Start button to begin monitoring. However, you cannot change the ping interval, and the program does not log any data or alert you when one or more of the addresses become unreachable.

If you want to check certain hosts on a regular basis, you can add them to the Address Book in order to have the application load them automatically at startup.

Features an outdated UI and cannot be minimized

As far as looks go, Pinger would certainly benefit from an upgrade. The user interface is noticeably out of date, and it is not likely to draw in potential users.

Moreover, it is not possible to minimize the application or send it to the system tray after you begin monitoring. Given that the program is likely to be left running for extended periods, this is a major drawback, as it will most likely get in your way while performing other tasks.

Basic ping tool that lacks advanced functions

On the whole, Pinger is a no-nonsense utility that enables you to ping various hosts and check the status of your connection or certain websites. It offers very few features however, and it is drawn back by its outdated user interface.

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