Pictures to G-Code

Import pictures, preview their G-codes and engrave them with a laser machine or a mill with this comprehensive software application.

  • Pictures to G-Code
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :CAD-KAS GbR

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Pictures to G-Code Description

CAD-KAS Pictures to G-Code is a software application that enables users to select a picture from their hard disk and engrave it in 2D, using a laser machine or a mill.

A useful tool that enables you to turn pictures into engravings

The software is simple to install and it does not have any special hardware or software requirements. Users can start the application right after it has finished installing.

The interface is clean and the most important features are displayed right in the main window. The application is able to modify the cutting depth, the width of the objects and depth nuances. It enables control over the G-code of a picture using an x, y, z axis and allows the engraving job to be viewed from different angles.

View an animation of the engraving process

Pictures to G-Code is able to find and replace lines or file positions. Users can renumber blocks to get maximum efficiency from a single milling path. This provides good control over the engraving process. If users have doubts about the accuracy of their modifications, they can start an animation of the milling process and observe any flaws.

The application does not contain an English help file. Beginners might not be able to calibrate the program with a physical machine on the first try and inaccurate engravings might occur.

Export your projects as DXF files

Pictures to G-Code enables users to share their projects by exporting them to DXF files. This allows files to be tested with other similar programs and enables easy migration of data. However, the application does not support batch processing, meaning each image file must be opened separately and converted to G-code.

On the whole, users are going to find the software a useful addition to their engraving businesses. It provides various control features. The animated preview of the engraving process avoids wasting time or valuable materials. Projects can easily be migrated to other programs, but beginners might have difficulties in handling the application.

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