A lightweight and efficient program that enables you to analyze images in detail, grab screenshots or measure the size of various elements.

  • PicMapTool
  • Version :2.2016.6.14
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mark-Toys.com

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PicMapTool Description

PicMapTool is a practical and useful piece of software designed to help you measure and manipulate images on your desktop, allowing you to capture screenshots and resize or rotate them.

Clear-cut and accessible looks

The application features a fairly intuitive and simple to understand interface, its main window reflecting the state of your screen and enabling you to apply a grid on top of it.

On the bottom edge, a series of buttons and functions let you to capture a screenshot, rotate or resize it and zoom into the picture, while from the top menus, you can further adjust PicMapTool’s parameters.

Grab screenshots, measure desktop elements or inspect images

For starters, you need to open the file you want to work with and launch PicMapTool. The utility will display your desktop and allow you to apply a ‘FullGrid’, ‘Crosshairs’, or ‘DualCrosshairs’ grid on top of the picture, its size and rotation angle being adjustable by means of gliders.

You can also draw lines onto the image, or even curves, their length and degree being indicated on the bottom of PicMapTool’s window, in a dedicated field. The ‘Fine’ setting is aimed at objects that require minute attention.

Moreover, you can grab screenshots of your desktop and save them to PNG format, to your PC. Using the ‘Image Mix’ feature, you can overlap different screenshots, while the ‘Rotation’ and ‘Resize’ functions let you alter their position and size. Moreover, you can zoom into a picture, for more detailed inspection, or you can invert its colors, as well as mirror it horizontally or vertically.

A useful image analysis instrument

To summarize, PicMapTool is an interesting and easy to handle program that you can use to determine the dimensions of various elements on your desktop or grab screenshots, which you can rotate or resize.

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