Enhance the sharpness of images on your computer by correcting camera shake, optical aberrations and optical low pass filter (OLPS) blur.

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Piccure+ Description

If you are a professional photographer or photography is one of your hobbies, you probably understand that some of the stills you take might be a bit blurry due to various reasons.

However, nowadays it is possible to use third-party specialized software such as Piccure+ to enhance the quality of your pictures by applying lens correction adjustments and increasing the sharpness.

Simple layout

This program comes with a minimalistic, yet effective user interface that packs a handful of functions, which are available directly in the main window, making it possible to access them without browsing endless sets of menus.

No additional configuration menu, window or pane is provided to you since this program’s purpose is helping you apply lens correction adjustments as quickly and conveniently as possible. However, its lack of help documentation can be disconcerting for many users that might have trouble understanding or operating its controls efficiently, as some of them are rather technical.

Apply lens corrections on your pictures

Piccure+ can help you enhance the quality of your photographs by enabling you to apply various lens correction adjustments to your pictures by simply importing the preferred image, choosing between LENS and MOTION modes, dragging the sliders to their desired values and clicking the Process button.

The LENS category enables you to decide between speed and quality, correct optical aberrations, balance details and contrast and also adjust the denoising percentage. The MOTION section lets you select the corresponding camera shake intensity (from micro to large), adjust the rendering percentage and choose the denoise factor.

A preview of the result is displayed under the adjustment panes, but you can also toggle a before-and-after view by clicking the tile icons on the bottom toolbar.

Handy utility that lets you apply lens corrections on your images

All in all, Piccure+ is a lightweight, reliable application that enables you to enhance the quality of your photos by letting you apply lens corrections in a quick, efficient manner. It comes with a simple interface, packs a handful of easy-to-access functions and no configuration menu or help manual is provided to you.

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