Phrozen ADS Revealer

Scan your system for ADS files and securely erase them from the disk with this powerful application that allows you to include search wildcards.

  • Phrozen ADS Revealer
  • Version :1.0.5642 Build 33974
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Phrozen S.A.S.U.

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Phrozen ADS Revealer Description

Phrozen ADS Revealer will benefit users who regularly transfer files from and to their computer. This creates the potential risk of infecting the system with various malicious content. Essentially, anyone can draw value from the detailed scans produced by this software; however, most utility will be obtained by users who download numerous documents from the Internet.

The NTFS drive scanner requires little knowledge to operate effectively

The program is very easy to employ and one can start scanning NTFS drives within seconds of installing the tool. No technical knowledge is required, as the software automatically displays suspicious files. More-so, a backup function acts as a viable fail-safe option, as it allows users to store documents suspected of malicious content.

However, before any scan is actually performed, users should note that the software only works with NTFS drives. ADS (Alternate Data Stream) documents are specific to this architecture and, therefore, the program will not work on any other types of drives.

Once a threat is found, users can select between backing up the file and erasing it from the disk

One of the great features of this program is that it allows users full control over how potential threats are handled. Two types of commands can be issued, once valid threats are found: backup the selected ADS document or erase it. The program will not automatically perform any action, which allows users ample time to ponder the situation and the potential implications.

The scanning process is quite flexible, as the program can analyze the entire system, a target drive or just a specific folder. The latter option is a great method of processing only suspicious directories, without actually having to analyze the entire system.

The software scans NTFS drives or specific folders for ADS files with malicious content

All in all, Phrozen ADS Revealer can a be a very valuable tool for anyone who regularly transfers documents from unknown and potentially unsecure sources.

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