Optimize numerous photographs by adjusting their colors or contrast, applying fixes, using effects to enhance their quality, and overlay borders.

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Photomizer Description

There isn’t such a thing as a perfect photograph but with Photomizer you can get the best from your digital photos. Photos taken with your mobile phone, webcam, digital camera or slide scanner can be easily customized using a wide variety of editing tools.

Clean and well-organized interface

Unlike other image processing programs that require extensive training or countless hours spend in front of online manuals and documentation, Photomizer gets right away with it.

Numerous optimization features

Important photography aspects such as white balance, object recognition, saturation, contrast optimization, color adjustment and light/black correction were taken into consideration by Photomizer.

Upside-down pictures can easily be adjusted to their normal form, noise that resulted from snapshots that were taken under low light conditions can be removed with only a few clicks. The application comes with solutions to increase the number of details, correct exposure or eliminate the effects of bad weather conditions.

If you don’t have the patience to manually adjust your photos, you can use predefined profiles for pictures that were taken using various devices. But you can also save your own settings that you can later use for other pictures.

You have two methods of previewing your picture: the single view and the split view. Single View displays both the original and the modified photo alternatively, while Split View splits the image right in the middle. The left side represents the original picture and the right side allows you to view the changes made to the image. Even though the original picture remains untouched and you have the possibility to preview changes in real-time, you can’t undo steps and if you are not satisfied with the final result you need to start over from scratch.

Concluding words

Photomizer is an accessible image editor that can be of real help for inexperienced users, providing them with the means to get accustomed with the terminology and the various methods of image processing.

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