PhotoMaps Free for Windows 10

Pin your pictures on a map so that you know where you took them and put some order in your memories with the help of this nifty app.

  • PhotoMaps Free for Windows 10
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :imactivate

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PhotoMaps Free for Windows 10 Description

What with traveling having become an affordable hobby, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with your own sightseeing tours. You might have visited places you liked and took pictures of, but you simply cannot accurately remember.

PhotoMaps Free for Windows 10 is an application designed to get rid of these cracks in your memory since its purpose is to pin all your personal images on a map so that you can easily and precisely know where they were shot.

Pretty and responsive interface

First of all, let’s take a glimpse of the program’s appearance. It features a clutter-free main window comprised of a map as well as a minimalist menu that is both super accessible and easy to the eye.

As for accessibility, the app is straightforward, and enhancing its image database is by no means a challenge. All you have to do is click the “Manage watched folders” button, which first asks you whether you want it to include photos in the Windows Pictures Library and then enables you to add more sources.

Lets you easily manage its JPEG database

Adding a new folder to watch is done in no time, but you have to keep in mind that it should contain JPEGs since this is the only file format supported by the program.

Anyway, once you close this window, the application automatically updates the database.

Note that, in case you subsequently add new pictures to the said two locations on your PC, you may want to click the “Update database” button so that you can check out all the photos on the map.

Helps you track thematic trips

Removing parts of the database or deleting it in its entirety is also an option in case you only want to see specific results on the map, based on a theme, for instance.

In any case, you are always in control of your database, whose status you can check at any point.

You are informed about the total number of images it contains, but you also get to know how many of them are geotagged and implicitly can be associated with a specific place on the map.

Pins your geotagged photos on a two-mode map

As far as the map is concerned, it is worth mentioning that it comes with two viewing modes, of which you can choose the one that better suits your sense of direction.

The photos pinned on the map are easy to spot, and their GPS coordinates ensure there is no room for approximation when it comes to the accuracy of their location.

Clicking on an image’s icon provides you with a zoomed version as well as a series of options that let you open the picture, go to the file’s folder, and even share it online with your friends.

Since it is highly likely that you have taken pictures all around the globe, you are also allowed to search for a specific location and thus quickly reach only the set of images you are interested in.

A nice companion to your trips around the world

All in all, PhotoMaps Free for Windows 10 is a fun and handy tool that makes use of your images’ geotags and pins them on a map you can freely interact with. Its reactions are immediate, its interface is nicely put-together, and it could definitely prove a worthy traveling companion.

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