Add various effects and watermarks to your photos effortlessly with the help of this easy-to-use, straightforward piece of software.

  • PhotoFun
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ASMAN

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PhotoFun Description

Pictures are used to define the world around us with posters, ads, banners and even textures to revive various environments. Before reaching the public, photos undergo heavy post-processing for which you need specialized applications. The market is saturated with such products, amongst which you can use PhotoFun as a suitable alternative.

Simple design and file support

The application holds all of its features in a custom-built interface without any borders, which makes it perfectly blend in any environment. All tools you get to work with are cleverly spread across the top and side of the workspace, found under simple, yet intuitive buttons.

In terms of file support, the application can only process JPG images, which is a shame, and you can’t even drag them over the main window. However, there are different objects you can import, with several built-in presets, but these can also be external images under the PNG format, because it supports transparency. What’s more, the library of contents also holds a few sample pictures on which you can experiment with different settings and effects.

Add text and various objects

Tools you trigger bring up a short corresponding description that disappears after a while, letting you know the whats and hows. This comes in handy, especially when adding text and trying to move it with your mouse, not knowing that it is arranged using arrow keys.

There are several objects you can add at the press of a button. Ranging from spiders and butterflies to hearts and balloons, these place a few similar objects in different size specifications on your canvas to arrange as you see fit and just use the ones you need.

Could do with more effects and filters

Sadly, editing is a little poor, or better yet, missing almost entirely. Besides text, which benefits from basic formatting options like style, size and color, objects, as well as the picture itself, can’t be enhanced. The only thing you can do is rotate, zoom, and apply a print effect, but it’s hardly enough to satisfy even basic editing requirements.

When your work is done, hitting the print button lets you get ahold of the image on a sheet of paper. There’s also a save button you might consider for a second it’s malfunctioning. This is because the new image is automatically saved in the source path, under a different name, but don’t worry, because the original remains intact.

To sum it up

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that PhotoFun is a different approach on image editing. Enhancement found little to no room in the set of features, with the main attraction being represented by different objects you can add. It leaves a little more to be desired, with only a few objects to add, poor text support and lack of any color management options that make the overall experience average.

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