Photo Mechanic

An advanced and comprehensive application that can help professional photographers manage and browse their albums or edit picture metadata.

  • Photo Mechanic
  • Version : 5.0 Build 18729
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Camera Bits, Inc.

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Photo Mechanic Description

When you have an extensive photo collection, sorting through every picture can take a long time. Photo Mechanic is an image browser created with professional photographers in mind.

The program has a nice-looking interface that should make it easy for you to navigate the images on the hard drive.

Photo Mechanic can help you find the best shots. In order to do this, the app lets you compare similar photos in side-by-side windows. Thus, you can easily find the pictures that need to be deleted, tag images and move items to various folders.

Extensive information can be added for all the photos. The details can be filed under various fields, such as description, headline, keywords, names of the people in the picture, photographer’s name and copyright details, event, location (city, state, world region etc), date, models’ ages and details, as well as the contact info.

Furthermore, information about the camera used to take the photograph can be viewed (lens, shutter, model, white balance, focus mode, contrast etc).

All the photos in your collection can be graded and put under a certain color class (winner, superior, typical, extras and trash). Thus, if the need arrives, you can immediately display only the pictures that pertain to your criteria.

Also, the app provides quick access to several features. This makes it easy for you to print, upload or burn the selected images to a disc.

The bottom line is that Photo Mechanic is an advanced tool that can help you sort through the numerous collections of pictures. Inexperienced users should have no problems using the basic features of this program, but they might need some time to get accustomed to the more advanced functions.

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