Photo Lottery Director

Create multimedia photo lotteries featuring images, transitions and music with the help of this easy to use and intuitive software solution.

  • Photo Lottery Director
  • Version :5.9.8
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :softrm

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Photo Lottery Director Description

Lotteries can be useful in attracting and keeping customers interested. Besides being potential marketing tools, they can also be fun on various other occasions or social gatherings. Since creating and managing such events that feature random draws, images, transitions and sound is not a trivial task, SoftRM offers a software solution designed to help users generate and run easily customizable lotteries.

Easily create your own lottery

The application makes it easy for anyone, regardless of computer skill to create a lottery. Though it does not use a wizard, or offer much in the way of guidance, the process is quick and intuitive.

One can create a new lottery by clicking the ‘New Lottery’ button and providing a name and the number of scenes (or slides) they wish their lottery to have. A few lines of description, a title and a subtitle can also be provided, if the user wishes to do so. New scenes can easily be added later, if the need arises.

As mentioned before, customizing scenes in terms of text, background pictures and music or transition effects is not at all difficult and can be done by accessing each scene’s menu.

Draw winners using hotkeys

In order to actually draw a winner, users must first specify a group of contestants to draw from. This can be done by accessing the Photo Management window and defining one or more groups.

Drawing winners and moving between scenes can be done by either using on-screen buttons (which ca be hidden if so desired), or a number of hotkeys.

Managing winners is easy

In case users forget to jot down the winners, the application can help them out by keeping records of winners and lotteries. Lotteries can even be continued in case they were paused or stopped before all of the winners were drawn.

To conclude, the program is easy to use and runs well on modest system resources. All things considered, SoftRM’s application offers a comprehensive solution for anyone who wants to run a lottery.

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