Easily view the content of PostgreSQL databases and export BLOB or CLOB data with this application that includes a basic query builder.

  • PGLobEditor
  • Version:1.7 Release 1 Build 170404
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Withdata Software

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PGLobEditor Description

PGLobEditor provides data editing capabilities, with support for PostgreSQL databases. The software is straightforward and offers a multitude of features to help you get the job done.

Support for multiple data formats

PGLobEditor can handle RTF, images, PDF, HTML, HEX and XML. It provides sufficient functionality to make its way into the hands of professionals. You can easily batch import and export CLOB and BLOB data.

You can start using the software immediately after you install it. You can connect it to the PostgreSQL server of your choice by entering its corresponding credentials.

Execute tasks with the help of command lines

The GUI is visually unattractive, but it is well organized into several menus and adequate for the job. One useful feature for proficient users is the support for command lines. They can execute most of the tasks by giving written commands. It is not common for applications to provide this feature.

The application also provides task scheduling. You can set up specific actions to take place at any given time. It helps you perform critical tasks even if you are not in front of the computer. Unfortunately, the software accomplishes this job with a step-by-step approach. For some users, it might be old-fashioned and time-consuming.

A complete and reliable software for database enthusiasts

You can employ this software to save and load Lob tasks. You cannot view data directly from the core application, but it allows you to designate a specialized software from your computer to perform this job.

In conclusion, PGLobEditor is a software application that offers sufficient functionality. You can import and export BLOB and CLOB data in batch mode. The support for command lines is especially useful for experienced users. The software offers task scheduling capabilities and other features to help users perform their operations.

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