Create a database that includes the description and interpretation of sedimentary rock samples and other petroraphic details with this application.

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PETROLEDGE Description

If you are a passionate geologist or maybe a student struggling to identify and classic rock sediments, then there is a good chance that you are looking for a solution that enables you to classify and create a database with the samples you find fast and easy.

PETROLEDGE is a professional piece of software developed to help you create a comprehensive database of rock samples along with all the associated petrographic details about them.

Slightly rugged, but well-organized and intuitive interface

The program comes with an unpolished and outdated, yet structured and user-friendly UI that is unlikely to pose serious issues regardless of your computer skills. The interface is composed of multiple panels of various sizes where you can add several details about the samples you are examining.

You can incorporate a new sedimentary rock sample into the database by accessing the New Description and filling in the required information in the dedicated field. Alternatively, you can load a previous description and include information that was previously missing.

Enables you to record a plethora of petrographic data

The strong point of the utility comes from the abundance of petrographic information you can record about the sedimentary rock samples. It is necessary to mention that the app allows you to select various options when filling in data, a feature that can save you some time when you are creating a rock database for a class project, for instance.

The program enables you to record any sorts of details, from structure and scale to texture, fabric, orientation and crystallinity. Once you fill in these details, you can access the Interpretation functions and proceed to more precise rock classification or diagenetic environment analysis.

As a side note, you can export the result in various formats (HTML, PDF, RTF, etc.) or create a backup of the database as a ZIP archive.

A great tool for classifying and identifying sedimentary rocks

If you are studying geology, working on a class project or you are passionate about the study and classification of sedimentary rocks, then perhaps PETROLEDGE could come in handy.

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