Permission Analyzer

Get the access rights per user or user group and enhance the network security by editing permissions in the network via this tool.

  • Permission Analyzer
  • Version :2.3.3
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Perdemia

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Permission Analyzer Description

Permission Analyzer is a tool that enables you to examine the NTFS permissions from the file system and compare them with those of the users and groups from the Active Directory.

In other words, the program provides you with the environment to scan the network and trace the origin of permissions for each user or group in the network you are administering. The direct advantage that comes from this is that you can find out immediately if a certain permission is inherited from an indirect or direct group membership or parent folder.

The application addresses advanced users and primarily network managers, especially since you are required to configure all directories and the LDAP organizational units to be scanned. While the information retrieved can be saved in a local database file, you should know that the utility also allows you to connect to an external database so that you can share the same information source between multiple workstations.

The trump card of the program stems from the fact that you can conduct targeted search queries on the desired permissions or users in no time. Since you can effortlessly add filters for members, permissions and folders, you no longer need to scan the entire network every time you want to apply a new filter.

Permission Analyzer also comes with an audit dashboard that allows you to view statistics on the permissions in the network, which you can modify accordingly. The app employs the same Windows mechanism as the Security tab, so the changes take effect immediately.

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Database encryption and external database support are not available in demo mode

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