PerfectDisk vSphere

An application designed to help users easily improve the performance of virtual machines and reclaim free space throughout their virtual environment.

  • PerfectDisk vSphere
  • Version :14.0 Build 890
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Raxco Software

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PerfectDisk vSphere Description

PerfectDisk vSphere is a professional tool designed to deliver full automation and flexibility to IT administrators who need a defragmentation application for the vSphere environment.

The program also delivers a comprehensive central management interface for deployment and optimization functionality, and can ensure that virtual environments deliver improved performance.

The utility comes with ReFS & Cluster shared volumes (CSVFS) support, can eliminate vSphere guest I/O bottlenecks, while also offering automatic background optimization capabilities, for increased convenience.

Based on PerfectDisk 13 and PerfectDisk Enterprise Console, the application provides users with virtual infrastructure awareness technology meant to monitor the availability of resources for the host at the physical level.

While performing file system optimizations, the tool ensures high resource availability, along with real time I/O prioritization, which means that optimizations are performed dynamically between virtual guests, thus eliminating resource contention.

PerfectDisk vSphere has been designed with full support for vMotion, which ensures that it can track resource availability at times when the virtual guest migrates from a host to another.

The tool can deliver optimization for both the physical host and for guest machines, while also being able to improve the performance of other storage solutions, thus eliminating I/O throughput and I/O latency bottlenecks.

By taking advantage of I/O prioritization for zero resource contention overhead, the application provides optimization of server virtualization performance by defragging file systems and increasing IOP performance.

With the help of a new Short Stroke method, the tool can deliver better optimization speed, thus also improving support for thin provisioned drives. It can optimize such drives without introducing excessive growth and can also accelerate the optimization of large disk array by means of shortening seek times.

Courtesy of integrated OptiWrite technology, the tool can prevent fragmentation on drives before it occurs, which ensures that systems won’t slow down. OptiWrite has been designed to detect when Windows fragments files and redirects I/O to stop that, which maintains system performance at a high level.

System requirements

  • VMware vSphere/ESX/ESXi

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