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Keep yourself in good shape by turning to this lightweight application that provides you with numerous animated exercise instructions.

  • Perfect Workout Store App
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Perfect Workout Store App Description

If you want to workout or keep your muscles toned and cannot afford a gym subscription or just lack the time, you should know that you can turn to specialized software solutions such as Perfect Workout Store App that can help you achieve your goals.

Easy to install

Setting up this program on your computer can be done without significant efforts since it does not require any form of additional configuration on your side.

The only necessary steps you need to take are navigating to the product’s page on Windows Store and clicking the dedicated Install button, as the rest of the process unfolds without further assistance.

Smooth design

Perfect Workout Store App comes with a simple, yet effective user interface that packs a handful of interactive functions, making it easy for a wide variety of users to benefit from its capabilities with minimum difficulty.

A lightweight configuration menu is provided to you and can be accessed by clicking the gear wheel button in the main window. Here you can change the program’s appearance, toggle sound effects, enable coach’s voice and modify a few parameters regarding exercise and rest time.

Packs several instructional workout animations

This application can help you work out in the comfort of your own home by providing you with a set of instructional exercise videos available as animated illustrations so that you can understand the movement better and reproduce it accurately. More so, your performance is timed and recorded.

You can switch between multiple exercise types by revealing the side menu and clicking the Select Exercise button. This menu provides you with instructional videos for full body workouts but also for isolated body parts, such as abs, legs, chest or arms. It is possible to access a Stats menu where you can keep track of your progress.

Lightweight workout trainer application

All things considered, Perfect Workout Store App is a handy application that can help you keep yourself in good shape by providing you with intuitive instructional videos for various exercises types. It comes with a smooth user interface, packs straightforward functions and enables you to customize some of its parameters.

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