Perfect Hotkey

Hotkey manager that saves you time by assigning key combinations to various actions, which will be performed a lot faster than before.

  • Perfect Hotkey
  • Version:2.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:YL Software

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Perfect Hotkey Description

Perfect Hotkey is an efficient and intuitive hotkey manager that simplifies repetitive tasks by assigning hotkeys to a list of common computer actions.

It comes across as an easy-to-use automation utility, being able to minimize your efforts and to maximize your productivity by performing a number of operations that otherwise would take more time to complete.

The idea behind Perfect Hotkey is to continuously monitor keyboard activity and once a preset hotkey has been pressed, to carry out that action on the spot, with extremely little to zero delay.

Perfect Hotkey features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows for an easy management of its functions, but administering hotkey scenarios is also possible from the system tray area.

Both approaches allow you to trigger a list of preexistent hotkeys, as well as to add new ones. A new hotkey can be created by selecting the combination of keys that will activate the program and the action to be executed once the hotkey is pressed. You can also give a custom name to each hotkey.

The list of supported operations includes opening a file, a folder or a URL address, as well as to bring the volume up or down, eject or insert CD, sleep, canned messages, shutdown, sleep and maximize, minimize or close the active window.

If you want to drop one of the hotkeys, you will have to access the hotkey list manager in order to do that. That’s also the place for editing the key combinations.

Overall, Perfect Hotkey makes a good impression, although it could offer a wider array of actions. However, it can prove to be a very valuable asset in the long run.

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