Unleash your creative image editing skills, with this fun and accessible application that offers a fair amount of customization and editing tools.

  • PencilSheep
  • Version :0.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :PencilSheep

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PencilSheep Description

Photographers and image editing enthusiasts who are just entering such fields might often resort to sophisticated editing suites that could be too complicated for them. PencilSheep is an application that was developed specifically to avoid such issues, by providing an accessible image editing package. Featuring an attractive and intuitive layout, it promises to offer a straightforward image processing workflow.

Appealing interface that emphasizes a stylish layout that reminds of more advanced image editing suites

The application presents users with a well-designed interface that comes packed with a classic image editing layout. The main viewing area, encompassed by two adjacent side panels, allow one to access multiple image editing tools, preview the effects and manage the loaded layers respectively.

Images can be quickly loaded and new canvases defined, as the utility sports an intuitive set of features that make image handling a breeze. Since all of its tools are offered in quick-access buttons and its menus house extensive libraries of effects and filters, PencilSheep could be appreciated by both novice and experienced users.

Edit images by applying the various effects and filters provided by this versatile editor

Users will be able to access a multitude of effects and predefined filters, which are well structured in the application’s extensive library. Classic image operations such as resizing, cropping and freehand drawing aren’t missing and people can resort to useful RGB/HSV or palette color selectors.

Looking on the downside of things, there really isn’t much to say, except for the fact that experienced users might crave for additional features that are found in more advanced image editors. Custom selections could have been beneficial, channel editing and actions are just some of that features.

Great image editing software that will help novice photographer and image processing enthusiasts

This application could be an excellent choice for those who require an easy-to-use image editing package, which still retains some advanced features. Offering a good blend between actual tools and ease of handling, PencilSheep manages to provide an attractive and straightforward image processing solution that might appeal to both novice and experienced users.

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