Send messages and share files with friends or work colleagues, while also being able to store documents online to have instant access to them regardless of where you are.

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Peerio Description

Peerio is a user-friendly and efficient software solution that aims to serve your information exchange needs, while also providing you with the ability to share files, in a highly-secure environment.

Initial setup and configuration steps

Subsequent to the installation process, you can either login it to your account, if you have one, or create it on the spot, on condition that you have Internet access. All you need to do is input your preferred username, that needs to be unique, along with your first and last name and a valid email address, where you will receive the confirmation code.

Moreover, you need to specify a password of at least one hundred characters, which may seem a bit excessive, but bear in mind that Peerio prides itself on the level of protection that it offers you, so you can consider the lengthy access phrase as a side-effect. In addition, you can create a shorter PIN number, as well as activate the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’, attaching a phone number to your account.

Securely exchange information and files with friends or colleagues

Once your account is up and running, you can start adding contacts by inputting their email address, username or phone number. Once they have confirmed you as a contact, you can begin exchanging messages, send and receiving files.

Peerio groups conversations around the contacts you communicate with, allowing you to easily view received messages and reply to them right away. Nonetheless, you can also remove them from the utility.

In the ‘Files’ section of the application, you can find the documents, videos, songs, presentations and other types of files that you have sent to your contacts over time or simply the ones you have uploaded for online storage, which you can implicitly access from anywhere.

A handy ‘Search’ function enables you to perform extended lookups through all your contacts, files and conversations, ensuring that you can find whatever it is you need, even if you only have a single keyword to go by.

A security-oriented messaging tool

All in all, Peerio proves to be a useful and intuitive program that you can resort to if you are worried by the safety of your online conversations. It offers you several layers of protection to ensure your private information does not fall into the wrong hands.

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