PeaZip Additional Formats plugin

You can download this PeaZip extension and integrate several additional output formats for the archived files, such as LPAQ1, PAQ8JD or BALZ.

  • PeaZip Additional Formats plugin
  • Version :2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Giorgio Tani

PeaZip Additional Formats plugin for Windows 32 bit Download Now

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PeaZip Additional Formats plugin Description

PeaZip Additional Formats plugin provides you with several output formats that you can use to compress and archive files with PeaZip.

The extension pack is simple to use and can easily be integrated with the main program. The additional formats can be selected from the same drop down menu as the usual ones.

PeaZip Additional Formats plugin allows you to convert the selected files in PeaZip to LPAQ1, LPAQ5, PAQ8F, PAQ8JD, PAQ8L, plus BALZ and QUAD.

The extension integrates with PeaZip, but it can also be used as a stand-alone tool and convert your files in a short time.

All you need to do is access the path in Program Files, where the extension is installed and drop the desired file over the icon of the utility. The conversion duration depends on the size of the file, but the process is generally very quick.

However, PeaZip offers you a convenient GUI tool in which to use the extension, plus it permits much more flexibility regarding the files that you compress.

The LPAQ1 and LPAQ5 are native PeaZip formats that you can only create, decompress and open with the program mentioned above.

Similarly, PAQ8F, PAQ8JD and PAQ8L formats are designed for testing trade-offs between computer performance and compression ratios.

QUAD and BALZ are ROLZ-based compression algorithms that provide high compression rates and speedy file extraction.

One of the particularities of these algorithms is that compressed files feature a double extension, such as *.exe.quad.

Moreover, if you wish to compress several files using one of these methods, in PeaZip, the program adds them to a TAR container in advance. The resulting file features either the *.tar.balz or *.tar.quad extensions.

System requirements

  • PeaZip

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