A software suite that calculates file checksum, compares files to byte level, securely deletes documents and free space and splits items.

  • PeaUtils
  • Version :1.2
  • License :LGPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Giorgio Tani

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PeaUtils Description

PeaUtils is a software bundle that provides users with numerous and varied features, designed to offer access to the most standard file management functions.

A freeware utility with multiple access options

The program is easy to install on most operating systems as there are no hardware or software requirements worth mentioning. You can operate this application on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines.

You can access the many functions of the application either by double-clicking on its icon or by right-clicking on a document you wish to analyze or hash. Depending on the number of files you select, you will gain access to other functions.

Perform a variety of actions with PeaUtils

The software is a suite, which contains an analyzing and hashing tool, a comparing feature, splitter/joiner, and options to securely delete files and free space, and preview HEX details on a file and system environment details.

You cannot perform multiple actions simultaneously on the same set of items, as each function is restricted to a specific number of documents. For instance, file split and HEX preview allow a single file as input. Comparing byte to byte always requires two files, while the secure deletion of file and free space will target the available disk units.

All the provided results can be copied to the clipboard or exported to TXT or CSV documents. Each time you perform an action, a separate window will pop up with its corresponding options, buttons, and layout. The input files can be dragged and dropped or selected manually.

A melange of functions and options

In conclusion, PeaUtils is a software suite that can calculate checksums, compare files, delete free space, split and join items, and HEX preview documents. The package is free to use, and it can be employed in any environment. Its utility might prove useful, yet it could be more user-friendly when it comes to layout and workflow.

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