Effortlessly protect your PDF documents using passwords and specify exactly what sort of operations you allow users to undertake by resorting to this app.

  • PDFProtect
  • Version :1.0.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :WonderfulShare

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PDFProtect Description

Depending on the nature of your documents, you may want to take viable security measures to protect them from abusive access.

In case your sensitive document is a PDF, you may want to try out a software solution such as PDFProtect, which allows you to easily set a password for your file and prevent any interference.

Protects your PDF files using two types of passwords

Before anything else, it is important to mention that the program is on the minimalist side both visual-wise and as far as its modus operandi is concerned.

To be more specific, all you need to do is browse for the PDF file you want to restrict access to and indicate an owner as well as a user password. Note that the former is meant to prevent unwanted changes to your file whereas the latter should stop all users from opening it altogether.

In case you prefer to let the program come up with a reliable solution for the owner password, it can do that by generating a random string of text that locks your PDF.

Allows you to restrict all sorts of permissions

However, besides these basic features, the application packs a “Settings” section as well, where you can specify what sort of operations you allow users who know the owner password to initiate. You can opt for any combination of actions from the following list: extract, print, HD print, copy, modify, comment, use screen readers and allow form filling.

As for where the new, protected PDF file is stored, you can simply ask the program to replace the original, unless you want it to save it as a separate document, that is. In this case, you don’t have a say as far as the output location is concerned, which will coincide with the initial directory.

Lightweight app that protects sensitive content

All in all, PDFProtect is an intuitive software utility that helps you increase the security of your PDF files by coming up with the possibility of setting two types of passwords.

Even though it does not boast an impressive feature set, it does enable you to restrict all sorts of permissions, which makes it an efficient tool in its niche.

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