Enables you to print, create and save PDF documents and customize them with watermarks, metadata, stamps, passwords, encryptions and restrictions.

  • PdfPrinter
  • Version:7.00 (0355) 161
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:PixelPlanet GmbH

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PdfPrinter Description

Those who work with PDFs on a regular basis will know how awkward they can be to handle sometimes. The Portable Document File format has several restrictions and often requires other programs to be able to view and edit them. PdfPrinter is an application that allows people to create PDFs from any Windows software, as well as edit them with a host of different features.

A program that is simple to set up, easy to operate and functions as a useful tool

The biggest hurdle the application faces is its lack of ability to function as a PDF viewer. Users will still need to use another application to actually view any PDFs they create, which might cause some problems.

Users who might have concerns about the functionality of any PDFs they create should not be worried, while the application doesn’t use a more traditional method of converting documents, it works well. The range of options it provides will satisfy most users and can compete and, in some cases, exceed, other PDF converters, however, this is expected given the application is not free.

A clear set of options that allows for a helpful range of customization, as well as useful options

The application is very customizable, multiple watermarks can be added, rather than just one. This gives users the option to place several watermarks, with different text, all in various positions on any document they create. The stamps supported by the application are made from any image the user wants to load, they can be resized, made transparent and moved about the PDF.

PdfPrinter includes several useful and essential security features that a good PDF converter should provide. Documents can be encrypted, password protected and given several restrictions, to control how much other users can modify and access them. While the application functions from a printer driver, it also allows PDFs to be saved to a computer also, so no other applications are required to store any new PDFs.

A useful application that provides a helpful service, yet is clearly lacks supporting applications

The application performs its function well, but there are a few flaws, namely its inability to view a PDF. The program is usually sold as part of a pack and its weaknesses might be covered by other programs, individually though, the application falls a bit short. All in all, a reasonable application, but suffers from a few hindrances.

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