Convert bank transactions or credit card statements in PDFs to QFX format with this intuitive application that allows you to select which items to transfer.

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PDF2QFX Description

PDF2QFX is a financial utility that can assist users in saving QFX files from PDFs. This can be performed either in full or by selecting specific transactions.

An efficiency-geared GUI

Anyone working regularly with QFX documents will benefit from this application since bank transactions are often stored in PDF files. Small entrepreneurs, accountants and even bank staff will find this software useful.

The interface is well-designed, as transactions feature predominantly in the main window. No space is wasted, however, as there are multiple columns that are automatically filled once a valid source document is loaded. The few tabs present allow swift navigation between the program’s settings. A few menu items are present, however all relevant commands can be issued by using just the tabs and buttons.

Allows batch-file processing

The program can load single or multiple PDFs, which is great when transactions are scattered in many files. The utility then automatically imports the source data under specific headers, such as “Amount”, “Payee” and “Account Number”.

A quick check is recommended since the program allows users to review the source document mapping. Other settings that can be customized are the “Account type” (e.g. credit card or savings), the “Currency” used and the “End balance” value.

Users can remove entries from the processing queue

One of the nice features of this tool is that it allows users to discard unwanted transactions. This eliminates the need for a PDF editor since a simple check in-program will unflag items. Once this is performed, a simple click on the “Convert” button will create the output QFX file.

To conclude, PDF2QFX is a specialized PDF converter. Anyone working with QFXs and the previously-mentioned file formats will find it extremely useful.

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