pdf2qfx Convert

Convert transaction data saved in PDF files to the QFX format in order to import your information into Quicken easily, with this handy application.

  • pdf2qfx Convert
  • Version :10.1.18
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MoneyThumb

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pdf2qfx Convert Description

If you rely on Quicken to manage your finances, it may sometimes be necessary to import transactions from other sources, and these may not be saved to the required format.

pdf2qfx Convert is a fairly straightforward application that provides you with a solution to this issue, as it enables you quickly convert data from PDF files to the QFX format.

Easy-to-use application that can be set up very quickly

The program is not particularly difficult to deploy, but it is important to note that Java JRE needs to be available on your machine for the software to function correctly. However, the installer can handle the task of downloading and setting up the necessary components automatically.

Once installed, the application can be put to use almost immediately, but it would be wise to open the Settings panel and perform any configurations that might be required.

Convert transaction data in a few simple steps

When everything is ready, you can open the PDF file you wish to process and either convert it directly or preview the available columns beforehand. While in Preview mode, it is possible to perform any corrections you deem necessary before exporting the data to QFX.

If the source PDF file is encrypted, you can provide the password before starting the conversion process. Additionally, it is possible to include only a certain number of pages from the document.

Relatively straightforward program that features an unappealing UI

On the whole, pdf2qfx Convert is not particularly difficult to use, and it should be accessible to experts and novices alike. The available documentation is quite extensive, so you should definitely consult it if you run into any issues while converting your files.

However, it must be said that the user interface could use some improvements, as it appears to be rather outdated at present. The application certainly does its job, but it is not likely to impress potential users based on looks alone.

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