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User-friendly and advanced PDF viewer that includes zoom tools, comment and markup utilities, image exporting options, link functions and more.

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PDF-XChange Viewer Description

A PDF viewer is a must have nowadays and many users are already using the popular software solution designed by Adobe which is still considered the number one tool in this particular category.

PDF-XChange Viewer claims it deserves a chance too and promises to offer users at least the same goodies as its more famous counterpart.

User-friendly interface

As far as we’re concerned, PDF-XChange Viewer is quite an advanced application, relying on a very clean and pleasant interface that provides instant access to all the features.

The program comes with the now-popular tabbed look, which means you can safely open multiple PDF files in the same window, just like in the same way an Internet browser does with websites.

Rich suite of features

PDF-XChange Viewer remains light on computer resources and works very smoothly even when opening large PDF files. It provides the utilities you would expect from such a powerful PDF viewer, including zoom tools, comment and markup utilities, measuring goodies and link functions.

In addition, PDF-XChange Viewer boasts an advanced export to image, feature which enables you to save any PDF file as a digital picture. The supported formats include BMP, PNG, JPEG, TGA, GIF and TIFF.

Configuration settings

Last but not least, the application sports a huge settings menu, with options concerning basically every single component, such as performance, rendering, page display, file associations, forms, commenting, snapshots, identity, security and search providers.

A reliable and advanced PDF viewer

As a conclusion, PDF-XChange Viewer is one of the best, if not the best, replacement for the famous application wearing Adobe’s badge. It handles PDF files so good that you’ll definitely be impressed once you give it a try.

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