A PDF .NET library that can be integrated into most applications written in C# and VB.NET and that supports translate, rotate, scale or skew operations.

  • PDF-Writer.NET
  • Version : Build 20170512
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :dbAutoTrack Ltd.

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PDF-Writer.NET Description

One of the most commonly transferred data containers are PDFs. These items are praised for their tight security, ensuring corruption does not appear when files have changed multiple hands, en route to their destination.

PDF-Writer.NET seeks to provide software engineers and affiliated professionals with a simple, yet powerful solution for quickly generating customized PDF documents.

The library is completely written in C# and integrates seamlessly with code written in this language or VB.NET.

Also included in the download are several samples that can be employed to fully assess the power of the component.

Once integrated into a fully-fledged program, the module can generate digitally signed PDFs, with full support for the Unicode character code scheme.

Simple and advanced graphical elements are also supported, such as lines, ellipses, polygons, and rectangles, but also textboxes, Bezier curves, hyperlinks or splines.

Output files are fully compliant with Adobe PDF standards, a fact reflected in the support for document annotations, such as notes or comments, as well as the ability to encrypt documents, both at the user and at the owner levels.

Developers can opt for a wide range of ciphers, from standard RC4 40-bit algorithms to complex AES-256 bit locks.

Other notable features include the ability to insert common pictures, such as BMPs, JPGs, and PNGs, as well as barcodes (including Codabar elements).

With frequently updated revisions being churned out every quarter, PDF-Writer.NET is a powerful solution for all developers seeking to enrich their applications with a detailed PDF library.

A comprehensive help manual is available if issues arise and one can also track down errors by checking the multiple samples available with the default download package.

System requirements

  • .NET Framework

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