Perform a broad range of PDF manipulation tasks and create personalized tools for various operations, with this powerful and intuitive application.

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PDF-Tools Description

The PDF file format is used almost everywhere nowadays, and if you work with these documents on a regular basis you are sure to benefit from a powerful, all-inclusive PDF management utility.

PDF-Tools is an application designed to help you perform pretty much any PDF-related task, as it includes a diverse assortment of tools. Moreover, it allows you to create your own, so that you can perform routine operations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Versatile application that offers a comprehensive array of features

PDF-Tools can be used to convert files to PDF, create new documents from one or more images or text files, apply watermarks, crop, resize, and rotate pages, split or merge PDF files, secure documents, add signatures and much more.

Additionally, it includes PDF-XChange Editor, a powerful PDF viewer and editor, as well as PDF-XChange Printer Lite, a useful program that enables you to create PDFs from any printable file.

Create personalized PDF manipulation tools

While the application comes with a set of predefined tools suitable for performing numerous common tasks, they can all be customized, and it is even possible to create new tools from scratch.

PDF-Tools allows you to define a specific action sequence, so you can easily set up a wizard that enables you to perform multiple operations without having to select new tools after each one and re-import the documents.

Intuitive program that features a modern, sleek interface

Because of the extensive customization options available, PDF-Tools is more complex that many other PDF manipulation utilities, but novices should not be deterred, as comprehensive documentation is provided.

Moreover, the user interface is well designed, both from a visual and functional standpoint.

All in all, PDF-Tools is a powerful application that provides you with a complete PDF management solution. It can help you perform an impressive array of PDF-related operations, as well as create personalized tools, while remaining very user-friendly.

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