Manage your computer’s power state by scheduling it to shut down, restart, standby or hibernate in an easy and convenient manner.

  • PcTimer
  • Version:1.0.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Gegiu Catalin

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PcTimer Description

Working on your computer can bring you a large number of benefits since it is capable of performing numerous tasks without requiring your presence in its vicinity.

However, sometimes you might need an efficient way to manage its power state and in this situation, relying on third-party software might prove to be the best solution, as it can yield quick, satisfactory results.

Smooth, simple layout

This application integrates a sleek, user-friendly interface that packs unsophisticated functions, thus enabling you to benefit from its capabilities without great effort.

The main window organizes its simple controls in a neat fashion. PcTimer also features a standard configuration menu that lets you customize certain visual parameters. Accessing this menu can be easily done by clicking the gear-shaped button on the title bar.

Schedule shutdown

You can rely on this program if you need a lightweight, yet intuitive tool that can help you set your computer to shutdown, restart, sign out, lock or stand by at a certain moment.

Setting a schedule can be accomplished fairly easily, as you are only required to choose your preferred method (between setting a timer or defining a date and time), specify the action and press the Start button.

Sound alerts and force mode

Additionally, this application allows you to set sound alerts for upcoming events so that you can be notified and conveniently revert the operation in case you change your mind.

Also, you can toggle a “force”, in case any additional dialog prompts whenever your computer is ready to shutdown. This handy function ensures that your scheduled event actually takes place.


To sum it up, PcTimer is a lightweight application that enables you to set power schedules for your computer in an easy, hassle-free manner. You can set your PC to shutdown, restart, standby, sign out or lock itself and also choose between standard countdown or fixed date and time methods.

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