A benchmark offering complete PC performance testing including battery life measurement tools and new tests using popular applications from Adobe and Microsoft.

  • PCMark
  • Version : 10 1.0.1275
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Futuremark

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PCMark Description

PCMark provides you with a powerful benchmarking utility that can be used to test the overall performance of a computer system, as well as the capabilities of different hardware components.

What makes it stand out from other similar performance testing applications is its simulated scenarios, which comprise groups of applications one would use at home or at work. Since it can assess the computer behavior in situations as close as possible to typical daily use, it’s safe to say that its reliability is undoubtful.

Home, expert and work tests for any type of computer

The program’s interface displays all the available tests in separate tabs. As its name implies, the ‘Home’ test is designed for personal computers used in a private environment, simulating workloads associated to routine tasks, such as Internet browsing, text and photo editing, video chatting and gaming.

Professional users have the so-called ‘Creative test’ at their disposal, which evaluate the system’s behavior while running resource demanding multimedia editing and manipulation software. Designed for mid-range PCs, this test includes web browsing, graphics and video editing, audio and video transcoding, gaming and video conferencing between multiple interlocutors.

PCMark also features productivity tests, mainly intended for office notebooks and desktop computers. In this case, it simulates document writing, website browsing, spreadsheet editing and video chatting.

Storage and application-specific tests

Aside from the aforementioned tests, PCMark can also evaluate the performance of your hard disk or SSD, without having the results influenced in any way by the capabilities of the CPU or GPU. It simulates data storage generated by demanding games and programs.

Application tests rely on Adobe and Microsoft software to view how your system responds to common actions, such as opening, editing or saving a file.

A complete benchmarking solution

By comparing the obtained scores, PCMark can reveal real-world performance differences between multiple hardware configurations. Its wide range of tests can measure multiple areas of system performance, with various workloads.

The range of available tests makes PCMark suitable for any type of desktop PC, tablet or laptop, be it a home or a work computer. It is a powerful benchmarking tool, ready to provide information regarding system performance, stability and overclocking capacity.

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