PC Win Booster

A simple to use application that helps you maintain system stability by performing rigorous registry and system scans while also resolving any found issues.

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PC Win Booster Description

If you are a power user and you want to get the best performance out of your computer, you can start tweaking and adjusting various Windows functions. Alternatively, you can rely on dedicated third-party software solutions, such as PC Win Booster.

After installing the application, it is recommended to create a restore point as it can help you restore your PC to a working state if you break it down by experimenting with the functions of PC Win Booster.

You can start by scanning your computer and detect all the broken shortcuts, unused empty folders, invalid registry entries, programs with faulty integrity or temp files created by browsers, but also infected or suspicious data.

Since this process might take a long time, it is best to close down all the other apps and not work on the PC until the scanning is complete. Furthermore, you can select only a few categories of this verification, depending on the issues you want to fix on your computer.

Once the analysis is complete, you can explore each item or save them to the PC and examine them at a later time.

Another function of PC Win Booster is looking for duplicate files within the folders you specify, according to the file types you need (you can analyze solely the images, the videos, the audio tracks, the applications, archives or documents). When the results are displayed, you can choose which ones should be removed and which ones should be preserved.

Moreover, you can uninstall all the programs you no longer require using PC Win Booster, as it does not only remove the actual app, but also the registry entries and files it leaves behind.

All in all, PC Win Booster can come in handy if you want to quickly locate the issues of your PC, but if you want to repair them, you first need to purchase a license.

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