PC SMS Gateway Server

Start a SMS-based service with the help of this comprehensive and very lightweight piece of software that bundles a lot of useful features.

  • PC SMS Gateway Server
  • Version :4.5.7
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SMSgee

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PC SMS Gateway Server Description

PC SMS Gateway Server is an advanced utility designed to make it as straightforward as possible for you to send scores of SMS messages with the help of your computer and multiple connected GSM devices.

This, alongside with its SMS Auto Reply feature, makes it ideal for users who need to start GSM-based advertising services.

Install the app, connect and configure the GSM devices and start sending texts

Getting started with this application is relatively simple, particularly as it undergoes a typical and surprise-free installation process. Finding your way around PC SMS Gateway Server does not require a great deal of computer experience.

Once launched, the first thing you should attend to is the GSM device configuration. Next, you should start to create a new subscription base. Head over to the Phonebook section and create new contacts or import them from Excel files, and thoroughly organize them in groups.

Create and schedule SMS tasks with no more than a few mouse clicks

The same goes for the SMS sections as you can similarly import SMS from Excel files as well as create new SMS Outbox categories. If the GSM device has been properly configured, then you should be able to add new SMS Tasks and Even Tasks.

Quite noteworthy is the fact that this piece of software makes it possible for you to conveniently send texts at any scheduled intervals.

Features integration with SMSgee Database

This said, you can create a new task, choose its type (Event, Interval, and Scheduled), use message keyword, sender or device-based filters, and make a choice between “Task Send SMS” and “Task Execute SQL” from the appropriate section.

Interestingly, the application can integrate itself with SMSgee Database. This means that you can create new SMS Outbox categories and read text directly from the aforementioned database.

Get your GSM-based service up and running in mere minutes with the help of PC SMS Gateway Server

All in all, PC SMS Gateway Server is a reliable and straightforward solution for your GSM-based subscription business. The application is easy to install and configure, it is quite lightweight on system resources and it features an intuitive UI which make it suitable for almost all categories of users out there.

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