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Scan for registry errors an optimize your computer’s performance and speed using this simple and straightforward software solution.

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  • OS :Windows All
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PC Cure+ Description

In the eventuality that you noticed your computer is running slower than usual, then there is a good chance that the reason for this is the virtual clutter that accumulated over time.

PC Cure+ is an application designed to optimize your computer’s overall performance by helping you clean faulty registries and unnecessary files that you no longer have any use for.

Helps you detect and fix stability and fitness issues

After a quick and straightforward installation, the application starts scanning your system automatically, a feature that can be bothersome if you access the program to perform a precise task. The scan targets four main areas, namely your system components, viruses, stability and fitness issues.

The stability issues refer to the broken or faulty registries that slow down your computer and that you can address by performing a quick and superficial or a deep and thorough cleanup. The fitness problems include junk, temporary files and disk defragmentation, issues that are known to severely impact the speed and responsiveness of a computer.

Irrespective of the problems detected, the good news is that you can address them with just one click of a button. On the other hand, you cannot preview the problematic files or select the exact ones you want to delete.

Provides you with a score for your system

It is necessary to mention that the program also includes a function that performs an analysis of the computer’s components are rates them on a scale of 1 to 9.9. The assessment accounts for the CPU, memory, disk and graphics and each of them receives an individual rating. However, the overall score is given by the lowest rating, an option that is inexplicable overall.

As previously mentioned, the app comes with virus protection. However, do not get your hopes up high, as this is minimal and entails scanning the computer, checking out the exclusion list and reviewing a list with blocked viruses and malware.

A tool that can perform common optimization tasks

While it gets its job done, PC Cure+can still use some features that grant you more control over the files that are being optimized or that are about to be deleted.

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