PC Cleaner Perfect

Identify and remove annoying junk files, as well as remove and fix system, memory or startup errors with the help of this intuitive utility.

  • PC Cleaner Perfect
  • Version :1.0.2
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TEK PC Solutions

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PC Cleaner Perfect Description

Clearing junk files from our computers’ systems is probably one of the most overlooked maintenance tasks, even though there is no real shortage of applications capable of helping us towards achieving this goal.

One of these applications is called PC Cleaner Perfect and, as its name clearly states, it can help you remove all the unnecessary and pesky temporary files from your computer’s system.

Simple installation process and intuitive UI

Following a surprise-free and swift installation process, the application can be launched via its executable file or desktop shortcut. Upon launching the app, you are bound to discover a user-friendly interface, with a layout similar to what you might find in other applications of this type.

All the app’s tools and bits and bobs are neatly organized in specialized, self-explanatory sections such as Disk Cleaner, Windows Log, Start Items, Browser Add-Ons, Task Manager and My Defragmenter.

Automatic scanning procedure and straightforward junk removal operation

Quite interestingly, once launched, the application starts to scan your system for potential issues without any type of user intervention on your part. Once the scanning process is completed, you are presented with a set of comprehensive results in the PC Optimizer section.

This straightforward workflow and the user-friendly interface both make working with PC Cleaner Perfect feel like a walk in the park, regardless of your experience with similar tools. Simply head over to any section that is of interest for you and click the ‘Clean All’ button next to each category.

Novice-accessible, run-of-the-mill PC cleaner

Taking everything into consideration, PC Cleaner Perfect offers you exactly what you could expect from a tool from this category, namely a user-friendly interface, a set of accessible tools, and a straightforward workflow, all of which add up to a very fast way of removing junk files from your computer’s system.

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