Capture the contents of the host machine’s screen and send the video stream to a DVR or NVR for recording or monitoring, with this useful application.

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PC-CCTV Description

PC-CCTV is a powerful software solution designed to provide you with an easier way to record the screen on a Windows computer. It can capture desktop activity and send a live stream to a CCTV surveillance DVR or NVR, while offering support for multiple video formats.

Nifty surveillance utility for monitoring or recording screen activity

Once PC-CCTV has been installed, is more or less ready to use. Of course, you may wish to fiddle with the video settings, but no complex configurations need to be performed.

The application generates a series of URLs that can be provided to a DVR or NVR device, and the program begins streaming content as soon as one of these URLs is accessed.

It is also possible, and even recommended, to check the stream using a program like VLC media player, as it is much easier to fine-tune the application’s settings when doing so.

Unobtrusive application that includes some useful monitoring tools

PC-CCTV is minimized to the system tray when it is launched, and all of its functions can be accessed by right-clicking the tray icon. The Settings panel can be opened from this location, but the program also provides you with a few other useful tools.

You can consult the access log if you wish to keep track of which devices have accessed the stream, as well as open the system log to view a complete list of all the actions performed by the application.

Lastly, the built-in TCP UDP Info utility displays all the ports currently being used by the program.

Reliable application that comes with extensive documentation

PC-CCTV is not very difficult to use, so most users should be able to set it up quite easily. It is worth mentioning that the program also provides you with a detailed user manual.

To conclude, PC-CCTV is a great utility for those who wish to monitor and record the screen of a PC using a DVR or NVR device. It is relatively easy to install and offers a fair number of useful features.

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