Search and download patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, create a library with needed patents and use lots of other tools.

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PatentHunter Description

Nowadays, it seems that the Internet has software solutions for any profession and for personal use as well.

PatentHunter is a very nice application that allows patent attorneys, businesses and inventors to search, download and organize their records concerning United States and foreign patents.

Lightweight interface with lots of tools at hand

The application doesn’t take long to install and it doesn’t have a complicated setup that you must complete. Simply launch it and start looking for patents. It sports a really comprehensive and colorful interface that makes it easy to switch between sections and start advanced patent searches.

It even comes with a help section, filled with instructions and other tools that you might need.

Search for patents easily

There’s the option to launch general searches in which any results that you select will only be saved for the current session and not for later searches as well. You can save search results for later sessions or open an existing search which will allow you to utilize results and continue with other keywords.

Type in up to two search terms and select one of the field types, like title, abstract, issue date, inventor name, country and more. You can combine fields and use advanced tools to find patents faster.

Read and analyze patents

Use advanced tools for narrowing down the list of search results to find the items that you need faster. You can save reports and check them out later. The name of the document and code is displayed, double click to start downloading the item.

You can search through patents or the database of published applications. All saved files are arranged in a separate section, you can manage and organize them into folders. Documents come in .pdf format, you have a quick link for installing the suitable reader.

All in all, PatentHunter is a must-have application for patent attorneys and business people, providing quick and intuitive tools for searching and analyzing US and foreign patents.

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