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Generate secure passwords using the character sets you specify, so as to protect your private files, folders or online information.

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Password Generator Description

Protecting your private documents is common practice when you want to make sure that no unauthorized people get access to your files.

However, you also need to pay extra attention to the passwords you use, since they should be as hard to crack or guess as possible. Password Generator is one of the apps that can help you obtain such passwords.

Straightforward, neatly organized interface

The GUI (graphical user interface) of Password Generator is meant to be as intuitive as possible so as to encourage even computer novices to create strong passwords to protect their confidential or personal data.

You can simply specify the length of your desired password, as well as the type of characters you want to include (upper case, lower case, numbers and/or special characters).

Furthermore, you can also generate multiple passwords at the same time, if you are planning on changing the passkey to several of your accounts.

Export the generated passwords to TXT

The application offers you the possibility to save the generated list and to export it as a separate text file that you can store in a folder of your choosing.

Alternatively, you can select only some of the records, and copy them to clipboard (just make sure you remember to paste them somewhere else before copying another string to the clipboard).

All in all, Password Generator can come in handy to all those who want to protect their online privacy or local files with strong passwords that cannot be guessed by ill-intentioned people.

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