Passware Password Recovery Kit Standard Plus

An efficient and user-friendly application designed to assist you in recovering your passwords from multiple types of locked files.

  • Passware Password Recovery Kit Standard Plus
  • Version : 2017.3.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Passware

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Passware Password Recovery Kit Standard Plus Description

Passware Password Recovery Kit Professional is a comprehensive software solution whose main purpose is to help you detect and retrieve forgotten passwords, from a variety of sources.

Sometimes, you are simply unable to remember your access key, which is not always an issue, but if the password is protecting a document you need to work with, then it becomes a problem.

This intuitive application provides you with the ability to recover passwords from a file of your choice, from websites, a network connection or email accounts on your system. Moreover, you can reset your administrator password or even search through your entire computer to detect protected files.

After selecting the document you need, you can run the wizard, which is only useful when you still remember something about the password. The utility will attempt to recover it by using a brute-force attack to discover it.

Another option, in case you know nothing about your password, is the ‘Use Predefined Settings’ feature that will perform a series of default attacks in order to find it. The ‘Customize Settings’ function is recommended only if you have the IT knowledge required to manually configure the retrieval process.

Thanks to the ‘Recover Internet and Network Passwords’, you can retrieve your email’s access key, a feature designed specifically for Microsoft Outlook accounts. Also, you can recover passwords for websites that were stored in your web browsers.

The ‘Search’ function enables Passware Password Recovery Kit Professional to scan ‘My Computer’, ‘My Documents’, ‘All Local Drives’ or ‘Selected Drives and Folder’ in order to determine if any protected files exist. If any are found, you can select them one by one and run the recovery wizard, for instance, to retrieve the password, viewing the progress of the operation in a side panel.

To sum it up, Passware Password Recovery Kit Professional can prove a reliable ally in assisting you with the retrieval of forgotten passwords from numerous file formats, websites or networks.

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