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Gain the ability to toggle core parking at the press of a button, without having to manually go through registries or other complicated methods.

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Parking Status Description

Computer processors have come a long way since the initial times the PC started to show off its face in the public. Different architectures allow better management and distribution, and tweaks can provide minor improvements. What’s more, applications like Parking Status allow you to quickly trigger some specific features, in this case core parking.

Make sure your CPU can take it

You can carry the little utility with you on a USB flash drive to use on other computers, especially since it’s merely a lightweight gadget that doesn’t require too much effort to deploy. However, if you’re not using it on Windows 7, some special programs like Gadgetarian or Thoosje Sidebar are required.

Once setup is complete, a small indicator shows up on your desktop, with a bit of relevant text to show the current status of the operation, and a link to toggle the function status. Just like any other gadget, it can be moved around the desktop to a different spot, set to stay on top of every other window, or configure its level of opacity for a cool effect.

However, not all types of processors support core parking, so it’s best to check if yours does. Sadly, the gadget does not inform you whether or not your CPU can handle this, and you might want to be sure before activating it, or you can end up messing with system stability.

Enable and disable at the press of a button

Enabling core parking is a function that can be toggled through the registry system, and is exactly the method used by Parking Status. As such, permission is asked for once you attempt to turn it on or off, with an additional information window for another confirmation since this can go bad.

Core parking is a feature used to optimize the usage of processor cores, in an attempt to save power, which especially comes in handy for laptops to squeeze a little extra juice from the battery. However, intense activities are best performed without core parking on, since the function turns them off when not used, causing a slight delay in information transition.

In conclusion

All in all, hardware components come with enhancement possibilities which can be managed a lot easier through desktop interfaces like Parking Status. However, it’s not recommended to mess with such tweaks if you’re not sure what the next step or possible consequences may be, just to keep your PC and personal data safe.

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