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Track packages being delivered by a wide range of popular services from around the world, with the help of this easy-to-use application.

  • Parcel Tracking Store App
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Parcel Tracking Store App Description

Nowadays, most major delivery services provide you with tracking numbers that can be used to monitor the location and status of your packages as they are being transported. However, you normally have to access a web service to do so, which is less than ideal.

Parcel Tracking offers an alternative, as it makes it possible to track your parcels from your desktop, and it even allows you to save multiple items for easy verification.

Simple-to-use parcel tracker for your desktop

Once it is installed, Parcel Tracking could hardly be easier to use. You just need to paste the tracking number provided by your delivery service in the required field, and then either check its status or add it to the database.

The application detects the delivery service automatically, but you can also select it manually if you run into any problems.

Versatile program that supports multiple popular services

Naturally, an application of this type is only useful if it can track packages being delivered by numerous companies, and Parcel Tracking does not disappoint in this regard. It supports UPS, USPS, FedEX, Aramex, OnTrac, DHL, Hongkong Post, YRC and several other services.

Of course, many others delivery companies are active around the world, but this application covers all the major ones, and support for more is likely to be implemented in the future.

Minimalistic interface that features an intuitive layout

When it comes to the application’s visual design, Parcel Tracking does not stand out in any way, but its simple layout makes it very novice-friendly.

The interface is clean and not at all cluttered, so you should have no trouble adding, tracking and sorting your deliveries.

All in all, Parcel Tracking is a useful application that can be very helpful for those who frequently order items online. It enables you to track packages from a wide range of delivery services, and it features an intuitive, minimalistic interface.

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