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Create and customize Self-Extracting 7-Zip packages.

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Paquet Builder Description

Paquet Builder is a powerful software solution designed to help you manage archives in a professional way. This application boasts many useful features that can meet your compression requirements. The program uses 7-Zip compression to create different packages and can also convert 7z archives to Self-Extracting 7z files.

Although Paquet Builder provides an extensive list of configurations settings, the user interface is intuitive. Smart tutorials and a help menu are included in the app, in case you don’t manage to get an idea of how this program works.

This fully-featured application allows users to select the kind of project they would like to create from three different packages. The standard package is designed to extract all archived files to a specified folder, while the second one can be used for compressing setup routines or multimedia creations into a single file. The last project generates a single compressed archive containing all specified files.

Furthermore, for each aforementioned package, the program includes multiple tweaking options. It is possible to add information about your company, select interface theme, modify welcome screen, show messages, edit final screen and launch program or files at the end of the compression process.

Moreover, you may encrypt documents by setting up passwords and add an uninstaller with your package designed to remove installed files and registry entries. Customizing the executable file is also possible by changing icons, splash screen, version info and many others. You can also digitally sign your packages and make multi-language packages with full Unicode support.

At the end of each compression process, users are provided with a log comprising all details, such as which files were compressed and what errors might have occurred. Exporting the log to a RTF file is also possible.

The program may seem a bit overwhelming at a first glance because it comprises so many settings. However, all of these features don’t need to be configured each time you start a new project. Actually, you can compress files in less than one minute and modify other options later.

To sum up, Paquet Builder is definitely a reliable application that can help you manage the archive files in a professional way by providing numerous setting and advanced options.

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