Add a handy sidebar on your desktop so you can easily launch apps or get an overview of the current weather, CPU or RAM usage levels.

  • Panels
  • Version :2.0.870.95
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Lucinite

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Panels Description

Most computer users like to have all needed apps and tools within reach, so they do not need to interrupt work to look for them.

Panels is an application that aims to be of great use in such situations, as it allows people to add numerous shortcuts to a desktop sidebar.

Reliable desktop sidebar for launching apps

The application installs within seconds on latest editions of Windows, provided .NET Framework is already installed on the host computer.

When they run Panels for the first time, users get a new sidebar on their desktop, and it includes all the apps that are currently pinned to the taskbar. This way, they get an alternative way of launching these programs with only a single mouse click.

Add tiles for monitoring CPU, RAM or Disk usage

It goes without saying that users get the possibility to add more tiles to the newly-created sidebar, thus enhancing its functionality. On the downside, one can only select from a pre-determined list, and they cannot add third-party apps or Internet links.

For example, they can monitor the CPU and RAM on their computers, as well as the disk usage level, a calendar and a clock.

Moreover, they can keep an eye on the weather conditions for a single selected city, even though it might be tricky to detect the way to change the location. You need to double click the city name and type the name of a different town, and then press Enter and the weather info is automatically updated.

Stylish and feature-packed desktop sidebar

In terms of customization, Panels can be altered to blend in smoothly with the desktop wallpaper or the installed OS theme since one can modify the accent color and theme without any effort. Users can preview the changes in real-time after applying a new color, so they can decide if they want to keep it or not.

The window size and position can also be adjusted while users can choose to hide the taskbar and desktop icons to remove all distractions.

All in all, Panels is a nifty solution for all those who want to be as efficient about their desktop space as possible.

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