Pandoras Desktop

Listen to your favorite Pandora podcast, manage or share your music stations with other users, with this simple desktop application.

  • Pandoras Desktop
  • Version :1.0.4
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :joel

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Pandoras Desktop Description

Pandoras Desktop is a user-friendly application dedicated to accessing the Pandora website on your desktop, without needing to open your browser. The program is a simple to use HTML viewer, which allows you to manage your Pandora account and music stations, just as if you were visiting the page in the browser.

Pandora music stations manager

Pandoras Desktop allows you to open and manage your account on the Pandora website, right from your desktop. As the program opens, it displays the Pandora login screen, prompting you to enter your credentials, in order to connect to the network.

Pandora is an online music station service, which allows you to create custom podcasts, by adding the names of your favorite artists. Album artwork and artists’ biographies are also available, for each entry in the station list.

You may view the website controls, create music stations, edit the existing podcasts or share them with other users. Similarly, you can follow other users and listen to the stations they create.

Simplistic Pandora desktop client

While Pandoras Desktop is simple to use and rather convenient, when you do not wish to use the browser, it brings no extra functionality than the official Pandora desktop client. You may easily manage your music stations, sort the entries, listen to the songs, view the artists’ info and follow other users.

Similar to the website, the program can only be used in certain geographic regions. Access from restricted locations is only granted through a proxy or VPN server since the program is a simple HTML viewer.

Bring the Pandora service to your desktop

Pandoras Desktop allows you to view the website content and listen to the podcasts you create. The program can run in the background and enables you to listen to Pandora music or manage your account outside of the browser. You may easily restore the program’s interface, at any time, by clicking the icon in the system tray.

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