Panda Safe Browser

Safely browse the internet and access to any website without the fear of malicious attacks or spyware using this straightforward browser.

  • Panda Safe Browser
  • Version:1.0
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Panda Security

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Panda Safe Browser Description

Although most popular browsers nowadays have several built-in security features, most users are not aware that they can optimize these settings and hence, protect themselves from malware infections and malicious attacks.

As the name suggests, Panda Safe Browser is a utility that enables you to access websites that you suspect are dangerous without any further configuration and fear of a web-infection.

Medium difficulty installation and a rugged interface

It is necessary to mention that the application requires a virtual machine to run, yet you are provided with a third-party solution during the installation. On a side note, you should know that the app removes any virtual machine clients you have installed on your computer and it would be nice if it installed the VM separately.

The interface looks dull, boring and far from the UI standards you would expect. Even though you are asked to select the size of the window during the setup, the improvements to the interface’s appearance are barely noticeable. Moreover, while you can use the VM in full screen, you cannot change the UI’s size.

Comes with high-security browsing, yet it is rather sluggish

Since it runs isolated from your computer on the virtual machine, it means that the chances of actually getting infected are very close to zero. Even if this were the case, your computer is safe, as the only thing that can be infected is the virtual machine snapshot.

You should know that because it is running on a virtual machine, it means that the loading speed of the pages can be rather slow. While it is true that it does help to have a good processor, you should keep in mind that it does require more resources compared to a standard browser to provide the extra layer of protection.

An overall good tool for occasional use

Without contesting its security capabilities,  Panda Safe Browser is not exactly eye-candy and could lead to a poor browsing experience, especially on slower computers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a tool that enables you to access potentially dangerous websites from time to time, the app can provide you with the level of protection you need.

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