Palette Tune

An image enhancement tool that helps you correct color hues separately for different image fragments, which allows you to color black and white pictures.

  • Palette Tune
  • Version:1.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:GEO Ltd

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Palette Tune Description

While the name can give you a hint on what Palette Tune does, it won’t be until you try it out on your photos that you discover what it can do.

Designed to be a fine-tuner for the color palette, it isolates the image into several individual fragments, allowing you to make adjustments to individual sections, rather than the entire photo. This way, you can highlight various photo sections without too much effort, just through the color’s intensity or hue.

Various color correction tools to play with

The interface of Palette Tune is mostly occupied by the preview area, where the original photo is loaded. The image fragments are instantly detected based on nearby colors.

The right panel encompasses the color distribution and several other color correction tools. You can easily change the color palette by selecting one of the many colors available and manage the RGB channels.

Adjust the hue, the saturation and the luminance

To make sure the picture is processed down to the last detail,  Palette Tune displays a fine-tuning adjustment bar that allows you to experiment with colors and view the results in the preview area as changes are being made.

The color hue, the saturation, and the luminance levels are also adjustable parameters.

Handy color adjustment utility that can be further improved

Palette Tune works well and allows real-time previewing, which is recommended for applications in its category. It can output the result in a limited number of file formats, namely BMP, JPEG, JPG and PTI (Pallete Tune Image). Enlarging the file compatibility and implementing a “before and after” preview mode to compare the original and the modified image side-by-side are just two of the suggestions we have to improve the application and make it more desirable.

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