Pale Moon Commander

A lightweight extension for Firefox designed to delivered a set of advanced preferences for Pale Moon browser (and Firefox as well).

  • Pale Moon Commander
  • Version:2.0.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Moonchild

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Pale Moon Commander Description

Pale Moon Commander is a useful and reliable extension designed for Pale Moon, but is also works for Firefox. Its main purpose is to help you access the browser’s advanced settings and customize them however you please through a simple interface, sparing you from having to edit its parameters by hand.

Pale Moon Commander can accessed from the main menu of the browser, by hovering over the ‘Options’ menu to reveal its submenu and selecting the ‘Advanced Options’ section.

A small, non-resizable window will appear, featuring a tabbed interface with a wide array of customizable preferences. They are grouped in several categories, namely ‘Graphics’, ‘Network’, ‘Performance’, ‘User Interface’, ‘Security’ and ‘Other’.

The ‘Graphics’ section allows you to adjust 2D and 3D rendering, choose the ‘Layers Acceleration Mode’ and the ‘Level of Antialiasing’. You can also modify the ‘ClearType’ font and its numerous options (‘Level’, ‘Contrast’,’Gamma’, ‘Subpixel Rendering’, etc).

From the ‘Network’ tab, you can set your browser to automatically attempt fixing incomplete addresses using a certain prefix or suffix. You have the possibility of setting the ‘HTTP Connection Timeout’ and the maximum number of ‘HTTP Connections’. You can even enable ‘Pipelining’ and adjust its functioning parameters.

The ‘Performance’ section of Pale Moon Commander allows you to set up a preferred configuration for ‘JavaScript’, ‘Garbage Collection’ and ‘Cache’, while the ‘User Interface’ helps you customize the ‘Tabs’, ‘Task Bar’ and ‘Full Screen’ display.

Moreover, the ‘Security’ tab lets you enable ‘JavaScript JIT Hardening’ and ‘Show Padlock’ on secure sites. You can decide how to treat ‘Pop-up Windows’ and ‘SSL’ websites, with the possibility of using a variety of ‘SSL3’ ciphers.

To conclude, Pale Moon Commander is a helpful browser addon which can successfully assist you in customizing Firefox or Pale Moon’s running, with little to no effort for you.

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