Manage prize bonds issued by the Government of Pakistan, receive automatic updates and perform offline checks, with this nifty application.

  • Pakbond
  • Version :1.1.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Saqib Softwares

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Pakbond Description

Pakbond is a powerful application designed to come to the aid of users who need to manage and check large numbers of prize bonds issued by the Government of Pakistan.

The program offers numerous useful features, and it comes with an intuitive, if somewhat outdated interface. However, even though it is not difficult to use, it is worth noting that no documentation is available.

Manage multiple lockers, receive draw updates and check bonds in offline mode

In addition to organizing your own prize bonds, you can also help out your friends, family or clients by creating numerous lockers and checking their contents separately.

Pakbond provides you with an automatic draw update system, ensuring that you will always have access to the latest draw as soon as it is announced.

An Internet connection might not always be available depending on where you are located, which is why it is pleasing to see that the application allows you to perform checks even in offline mode.

Relatively user-friendly program that lacks documentation

First-time users should be able to understand how the application works without too much trouble, especially if they have at least a little experience with managing prize bonds.

However, it should be noted that the program does not provide you with a user manual, which novices would have found very helpful.

Straightforward UI that looks somewhat out of date

The application’s layout is fairly simple, and navigating through the various available modules is not at all complex.

Some may feel that the program’s user interface is rather outdated, however, although users who are more interested in functionality are not likely to be bothered by this issue.

In conclusion, Pakbond is a specialized utility created to help you manage prize bonds in a quick and efficient manner. It offers quite a few useful functions, including an automatic draw update system and support for multiple lockers, but it lacks documentation and features a rather outdated UI.

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